The Wisdom Factory CIC is a social enterprise creating wisdom from knowledge, skills and experience for community benefit. At least 5% of turnover is set aside for a grant-making fund that will be allocated to Birmingham good causes in the spring of each year, just after the company’s year-end. And we’re based in an old factory.

The Wisdom Factory CIC was founded by Mike Mounfield in February 2012.  The team is made up of Directors and Associates with some essential things in common: they are all experts at what they do; they are all interesting (and fun) people to be around and to engage in your business and they share The Wisdom Factory CIC’s vision.

From 2018 we're moving away from training and focusing on tech, advice and research as channels for disseminating our kind of wisdom.  Keep watching.

The Story So Far

Mike founded The Wisdom Factory CIC (Community Interest Company) after a couple of years of licking his wounds after the failure of a previous business in the crash of 2007-11. Having run his own business for 10 years he felt ill-disposed to get a ‘proper job’. He lived at the time in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, something of a nursery for startups and in particular social enterprises. With plenty of people around to inspire him, he set about bending his eclectic education and engineering-oriented work experience to some purpose that would be useful to clients, and, by extension, to the communities of Birmingham and beyond. What he didn’t want was to create yet another bloody consultancy. And he hasn’t. What he has created is a foundry, a creative crucible, for wisdom. Wisdom is not knowledge. Wisdom is not smarts. Wisdom is not knowing stuff. Wisdom involves putting knowledge, skills and experience to practical use. As the comedian Peter Kay put it:


The Wisdom Factory isn’t just a funky-sounding name. It is a description of what goes on within the walls. It is the conscious conversion of knowledge into clever, knowing-and-understanding based behaviour. Being able to stand up in front of an audience and persuade them to support your argument. Being shown data from within your own business, your own markets, your own staff, and feeling the scales fall from your eyes as you see for yourself what to do next to achieve your goals. Being able to manage people because you know what makes them tick. Being able to tap into markets your competitors barely know exist. Being resilient in contexts where your peers are heading for the exit. Wisdom means never having to accept airy-fairy meaningless jargon ever again. Wisdom means always knowing what to do next, and how to do it.

Most of us imagine factories with chimneys, pumping out pollution into the local environment. The pollution is produced as a by-product of whatever processes the factory uses to make its products. It’s a negative image. The Wisdom Factory is different in one, truly vital, way. What comes out of our ‘chimney’ is social good. We set aside at least 5% of our turnover for a grant fund that we open for one month at the end of each financial year. We give small scale grants to help voluntary groups, social enterprises and charities achieve their goals. We’ve helped all kinds of people do all kinds of things and the more we grow, the more people we help.

Mike began to realise he was on to something special when talented people started to show an interest in joining him. You can see them on our Team page. The Wisdom Factory CIC and all those who associate with it, clients, directors, associates and grant recipients, are on an exciting journey. Join us. It’ll be fun.