Meet the 2014 Grant Fund Winners: Modernist Society CIC

One of the successful applicants to our 2014 grant fund is The Modernist Society CIC…


Who are you?

We, at the Modernist Society CIC, are keen to foster and help develop a greater public awareness of the rich and complex relationship between architecture, art and design and public space, and draw attention to the precarious nature of much of the 20th century backdrop that we often mistakenly take for granted. We have successfully developed ‘The Manchester Modernist Society’ as an arts/heritage/community engagement project which regularly attracts 20 – 150 people to its various architecture/social history related events as well as publishing numerous architecture related items that encourage an appreciation of 20th century architecture. We regularly work in partnership with the public, libraries, archives and museums, academic institutions and community groups.

What will you use your grant for?

We propose to support the initiation of a similar ‘society’ to Manchester Modernist, “Birmingham Modernist”, which will celebrate the 20th century architecture and design of Birmingham. Birmingham has been shaped by its architecture, it’s reputation of concrete and flyovers precedes; despite this there seems little love for the buildings which form the backdrop of the city.  Modelled on the Manchester ‘society’ and sharing our aims and methods we will initiate a framework for local people to explore, discuss, discover and be enthusiastic about the 20th century architectural heritage of the city. We have begun this process in Glasgow.

“Both Mike and I are interested in architecture, design, heritage and public space.  As a subscriber to The Modernist myself, I am exceptionally impressed by what this group of talented and committed individuals has achieved as volunteers.  Both of us are proud to be ‘honorary Brummies’.  We are therefore delighted that we can support the Modernist Society to celebrate Birmingham’s architecture and design and are excited to see their project develop!”

Sarah, The Wisdom Factory CIC