Meet the 2014 Grant Fund Winners: Birmingham Community Spirit

This charity is keen to hold its next inter-faith discussion session for women in Birmingham as part of a series growing in popularity.  A grant from us will enable that.


Who are you?

Our charity holds weekly sports sessions in hard to reach communities in the Birmingham area as part of All Sports Women.

What will you use the grant for?

Our project aims to address a number of issues faced by women living in Birmingham, especially those from BME backgrounds, including a poor understanding of those from different communities and a lack of social and learning opportunities.

The project will offer an Inter-faith discussion session for women from different cultures, backgrounds and faiths living in Birmingham. It will build on previous sessions, including the most recent session on the topic of “The Veil” with the topic of “Faith and Sport” planned to combine the charities discussion sessions with regular women’s sports sessions it leads in Birmingham.  Group participants will be given the chance to speak, contribute and aid understanding of others whilst recognising the achievements of women in Birmingham irrespective of their faith or backgrounds. A DVD created from the session will be disseminated to communities across Birmingham.

“This presented us with an opportunity to help stimulate open discussion on topics that need to be discussed but are often sidelined by the well-intentioned or hijacked by the holders of polar views.  Again, cutting edge stuff that TWF wants to be involved with – the synthesis of wisdom to replace diatribe and prejudice.”

Mike, The Wisdom Factory CIC