Meet the 2014 Grant Fund Winners: GINA CIC

We were delighted to approve a grant to GINA CIC to support their new running group.  Here’s why…


Who are you?

GINA is a social enterprise offering unparalleled opportunities for people affected by rape and sexual abuse. Our Founder and Director, Lisa Thompson, is the CEO of RSVP West Midlands. Lisa established GINA to create a sustainable support mechanism for RSVP as well as providing a legacy for her Nana Gina, herself a rape survivor.

What will you use your grant for? 

GINA’s Running Group aims to provide a bespoke opportunity for survivors of rape and sexual abuse in Birmingham to benefit from running as a means of increasing their health and wellbeing and reconnecting with their body.  GINA would like the running group to be a means of offering survivors a proven mechanism of support. It’s no secret that exercise is good for both physical and mental health but we will be conducting research to show the specific benefits that running can offer to survivors. The research will be led by a professional in academic research in the field of rape and sexual abuse. There is a need for survivors to understand the benefits in a holistic sense. Survivors will have the opportunity to learn about the positive impact of exercise and nutrition in a safe, supportive environment, thus reducing isolation and enabling positive change.

Read more about the project here.

This was a strong, well-structured application aimed at developing an innovative intervention for a sadly widespread problem that people still find it difficult to talk about.  Cutting edge stuff with potentially wide benefits for those involved and an academic edge.  We’d have been mad not to.

Mike, The Wisdom Factory CIC