Meet the 2014 Grant Fund Winners: Sporting FC

One of the successful applicants to our 2014 grant fund is Sporting FC

Who are you?

The stars of the club are the boys and girls who play for Sporting Football Club. We intend to bring back the Grassroots of football, back to an era when football was played for enjoyment and fun! And with respect for the other team.  We run a local kids football team with age ranges from under 7s to ‘open age’ teams from all backgrounds and faiths.  We have a great bunch of managers, coaches and helpers who work for free for the love of the game and helping local kids.

What will you use your grant for?

At the moment, all the teams have hand me downs and whatever we can get our hands on. The grant would help one of the teams with a new strip.

“Old school physical exercise and teamwork promoting sound values and outdoor fun among the young.  A football kit represents more than just something to get muddy in this context – it’s a badge of honour symbolising mutual respect.”

Mike, The Wisdom Factory CIC