2017 Grant Fund: Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice

The Wisdom Factory CIC is delighted to help Birmingham St Mary's Hospice with their ‘Home from Home’ Project, by accepting their Grant Fund application for £1000.   The award will contribute towards the cost of 4 replacement mattresses.  Mattresses??  Yes, but think beyond springs and memory foam!  These mattresses tilt, rotate, deliver therapies and generally improve the physical comfort and quality of life for those nearing the end of their days.   It's all part of the immersive support provided by a fantastic organisation run by fantastic people.   And at least one of us at The Wisdom Factory CIC has reason to be grateful to the hospice movement in times past!  You can find out more about their work (and how you may be able to help) by visiting  http://www.birminghamhospice.org.uk

The Wisdom Factory CIC is a social enterprise creating wisdom from knowledge, skills and experience for community benefit. At least 5% of turnover is set aside for a grant-making fund that will be allocated to Birmingham good causes in the spring of each year, just after the company’s year-end. And we’re based in an old factory.

My name is John Kemp and I am Head of Training at The Wisdom Factory CIC, specialising in Well-Being and Personal Resilience, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, and Conflict Resolution.